STIHL MSA160 C-BQ Cordless Chainsaw DRY

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STIHL MSA160 C-BQ Cordless Chainsaw DRY

Powerful, light and quiet Cordless Chain saw powered by Lithium-Ion technology. Simple to use with no emissions. Ideal for horticulturists, landscape gardeners, builders and around the home. PLEASE NOTE THAT MACHINE IS SUPPLIED DRY.(BATTERY & CHARGER EXTRA). 


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Powerful, light and quiet Cordless Chain saw powered by Lithium-Ion technology. Simple to use with no emissions. Ideal for horticulturists, landscape gardeners, builders and around the home.

Standard features

  • Operating handleZoom
    Operating handle

    The black soft component on the rear control handle ensures a secure and firm grip under all working positions. The shift lever has to be unlocked via the lateral lock button.

  • EC MotorZoom
    EC Motor

    The EC motor gets up to 55% more power from the battery and protects him there – because the battery life increases up to 70%. He also convinces with low weight, compact dimensions and almost wear-free mechanism.

  • STIHL Ematic systemZoom
    STIHL Ematic system

    The STIHL Ematic system consists of Ematic guide bar, chain and Oilomatic- chain and reduced flow rate oil pump. The special design of the bar and chain causes every drop of chain oil gets to where it is needed for lubrication. Oil consumption can be reduced by up to 50%.

  • STIHL Chain Quick TensioningZoom
    STIHL Chain Quick Tensioning

    The STIHL chain quick clamping system makes tensioning the chain easier. After loosening the screw of the sprocket, cover the chain with the overlying control wheel, which allows quick and easy clamping. A tool is not required for this.

  • Quick Stop Super functionZoom
    Quick Stop Super function

    Additional braking system for more safety – exclusively by STIHL. The chain does not stop only at kickback is sufficiently strong or active actuation of the front hand guard, but also when you release the rear handle. The overrun of the chain is stopped within seconds and protects the user.

  • Tool-free oil tank capZoom
    Tool-free oil tank cap

    The transparent oil tank and the tools operated oil tank cap the oil level can be easily and conveniently check.

  • Two-hand operationZoom
    Two-hand operation

    The ergonomically shaped handle tube and the comfortable rear control handle with soft components allow a pleasant, forces gentle and safe work in all positions

    Lithium-ion battery options including AP 200 & AP300

    Powerful lithium-ion battery. Compatible with all STIHL cordless tools. The battery can be charged hundreds of times. No memory effect, constant power throughout the entire discharge phase time. For lengthy assignments as a petrol unit. With battery indicator. Rechargeable with charger AL 101, AL 300 or AL 500th

 AL 101 standard charger

Standard charger for STIHL battery pack AP200

    • AL 300 quick charger Zoom
      AL 300 quick charger

      Quick charger for the STIHL battery pack AP200 & AP300. With operating mode indicator and integral air cooling, the AL 300 quick charger takes 55 minutes to charge AP200 & 75 minutes to charge AP300.

    • AL 500 Super Charger

      STIHL AL 500 Super Charger

      With the increase in battery capacities the new AL 500 Super Charger enables extremely rapid charging to minimise down time and allow increased productivity. Charging the AP300 to 100% in 30 minutes and the AR 900 backpack battery to 100% in 130 minutes the AL 500 Super Charger is aimed at the professional landscapers using the STIHL cordless range. The reduced charge times make the STIHL cordless power system even more desirable and allows all day working in the professional area.

    • Battery Belt Zoom
      Battery Belt

      Robust and ergonomically shaped belt with storage for STIHL lithium-ion batteries to make work even easier. Carry the battery in your battery belt. This reduces the overall weight of cordless tools. Power is transmitted via a battery adapter connected to the tool with a robust, flexible cable.


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