Redmax YT2142F Tractor lawnmower

Redmax ride-on lawnmower with 21.5HP Kawasaki V-Twin engine coupled to a 42 Inch fabricated deck & automatic dif lock to handle the toughest conditions.


A lawn tractor that will give you a trustworthy partner in your yard work. Park like lawn or overgrown backyard? Hilly? Slippery? YT2142F will not shy away! Thanks to its Fabricated High Performance Cutting Deck and automatic differential lock – With this machine you will mow grass very fast, and with a perfect result, everywhere in your property, regardless of terrain or grass conditions. Add an easy to install bagger, mulch kit or other accessories for added versatility.42 Inch fabricated deck to handle the toughest conditions

  • 20” rear tire
  • New RZ Seat
  • Kawasaki FR V-Twin
  • Fab decks (ClearCut) – aluminum spindles
  • LT fender
  • 21.5 HP V-Twin Kawasaki powered