Greenfield 850 Petrol Shredder

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Greenfield 850 Petrol Shredder

Piecemaker – 850 B&S

For nearly 20 years the Greenfield Piecemaker has set the benchmark for garden waste recycling. Whether you’ve got a small back yard or large acreage, there is a model just right for you. Just like our ride on mowers the Piecemaker has been built to last. With its all metal construction the Piecemaker is compact in design yet powerful on performance.

It recycles all garden waste materials with ease and makes light work of all fibrous materials like palm fronds.



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The Greenfield Piecemakers performance will amaze you.Very simple to use and inexpensive to maintain. The powerful engine drives the cutter disc and blades directly and there are many benefits. With direct drive there are no costly flails to tangle and wear, nor is there a need for pulleys, idlers and “V” belts. All these parts add complication and expense whilst robbing vital engine power. Normally a direct drive on a chipper shredder is a recipe for disaster. The big problem with a direct drive is that the heavy downward pressure on the chipper shredder blades can cause excess internal engine wear, even a bent crankshaft due to lack of bearing support for the cutters.The engine crankshaft is securely attached to a massive drive boss 35mm in diameter which supports the engine crankshaft for its full length.
This very substantial drive boss is securely locked to a huge 35mm sealed ball bearing which supports the crankshaft right down at the cutter disc. The bending and downward loads are easily taken care of by this bearing with its enormous 3,000 lbs. (1,350 kg’s) load capacity. It’s this tremendous “overkill” bearing that makes the Greenfield Piecemaker design so unique, so durable and so effective.The Greenfield Piecemaker 45 has another unique feature. Large impeller blades of a special shape are fitted to the cutter disc to create a vacuum in the base of the hopper. Also the air drawn into the hopper is in the form of a flat air wave. This avoids undesirable turbulence and directs material straight on to the blades. To further enhance this strong vacuum, the discharge chamber is turbo shaped and the mulched material is delivered into the Greenfield catcher at up to 200kph! There is no spillage and the handling of the shredded material could not be easier or cleaner


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