Atom Drillmaster 990 Honda GX50 powered Engine Drill


Atom Drillmaster 990 Honda GX50 powered Engine Drill. The Atom DRILLMASTER®pays for itself in a very short time due to its operating speed and unique automatic reverse mechanism which no other engine drill has.




  • Engine: 50cc Honda GX50 engine 4-Stroke. Meets Australian Euro 5 emission standards. Quiet and very easy starting.
  • Max power rating: 1.5kw (2.0hp)
  • Fuel: Unleaded petrol (no oil mix)
  • Clutch system: Automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Atom Augers speed: 0-550RPM with 11/4” (32mm) auger. Faster with smaller augers. Other brand augers, in most cases, will not perform as well.
  • Exclusive rotating throttle control (motorbike style)with Automatic Reverse Gear
  • Dry Weight: 7.50kg (without auger).