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Stihl MS271 Petrol Chainsaw

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The MS 271 chainsaw is loaded with features and technology. It starts with a highly efficient engine that delivers 20% longer run times between refuelings.

Stihl MS462 C-M Professional Chainsaw

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The lightest high-performance saw in the 70 cm³ cubic capacity class. Extraordinarily easy to manoeuvre, with outstanding acceleration. For felling and pruning in medium-density and high-density stands. Fitted with M-Tronic as standard; HD2 filter with very good filtering effect.

Stihl GHE355 Electric shredder

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The powerful combi-shredder GE 355 can be easily filled through the large hopper at optimum working height.

Stihl GHE250S Electric Shredder

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Strong electro-garden shredder for the processing of large quantities of garden refuse and plant remainders, but also bushy branches and strong branch material.

Stihl GHE150 Electric shredder

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With a powerful motor and special noise-reducing blade system, the GE 150 processes thicker branches into chippings that are ideal for composting. A short, inclined feed chute and patented clover leaf opening make feeding effortless.

Stihl GHE105 Electric shredder

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Finely shredded material is created by the GE 105 electric shredder, which can chip branches and shred soft material such as leaves or plant trimmings up to approx. 35 mm diameter.

Stihl GHE135L Electric shredder

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With a power output of 2,300 watts, the GE 135 L electric shredder can handle branches with a maximum diameter of 35 mm.